Patient Results

I came to therapy for neck stiffness and pain down my arm into my thumb.  Now driving is easier and safer.  I can do housework much easier and sleeping has improved 100% due to just slight pain.  My overall mental attitude has improved 100% thanks to Gulf Coast Therapy.

Dry needling was entirely new to me as well as the handheld e-stim stimulator and the home (self) traction unit.  Yet, all three modalities have changed my life of over 40 plus years of neck pain.  I am indeed grateful to Christina and Ashley for the dry needling sessions.  Bee, Ashley, and Christina, all helped me with exercises at home.   All three ladies are so caring and capable with their hands-on approach to assessing my needs and treatments.  Gulf Coast Therapy has miraculously changed my quality of life positively.

B. S.

Since starting therapy, I have become more confident and less off balance when walking.  I have built up stamina to walk around stores and many normal tasks have become easier to do.  All the girls have been wonderful to work with.  Bee and Christina have been exceptional.  Therapy was something to look forward to and I am going to miss coming here.  Thank you all for a wonderful experience.

J. W.

I started with pain and stiffness and I was weak in my shoulder.  After a few sessions I regained my strength and the pain was gone.  I was also showed how to maintain my motion and strength.

D. H.

I have for years been uncomfortable sitting or lying down.  I would stand everywhere even in court as a juror I had to stand.   Dr. A. Smith at South Baldwin Medical Group asked if I wanted to try therapy for restless leg syndrome, that is what everyone was calling it.  I had tried everything else, why not?  I got to therapy and they asked if I wanted to try dry needling (IT WORKS), I have been sitting and sleeping normal since.  I have wasted thousands of dollars going to many doctors to find it was not a drug I needed!  It was dry needing!  Christina Stewart, PT, OCS and Ashley Sprayberry, PT are the ones that helped me.  God bless these girls.  Thank you Dr. Smith for the referral.


W. W.

My first treatment was for severe pain in my neck.  Then a few months later I was back for treatment on my lower back.  I was reluctant that physical therapy would help the pain in my neck.  However, after several sessions, I was able to move without pain.

With treatment on my back, I was in pain every night and often could not sleep.  I now have less pain and sometimes none at all.  I am able to walk more and longer without pain and I am taking less medications than before treatment.

I would recommend physical therapy for anyone that is experiencing pain.  I was surprised that exercising and strengthening my muscles had so much effect on the way my body feels.

C. S.

How has Gulf Coast Therapy helped me?  After my accident on June 11, 2017, my mobility in my arms and hands was very limited.  Because of the hard work and dedication of Leslie Davis, I have almost reached full movement in both arms, increased strength in both hands and arms and a reduction in pain.  I do not believe that I could have received any better care at any other company that provides physical/occupational therapy.  I am extremely happy with the care given to me at Gulf Coast Therapy.

N. R.

I had a total knee replacement of the right knee.  At first, I couldn’t even raise my foot off of the floor and I walked with a walker.  In less than two weeks, I walked unassisted.  Now after seven weeks of therapy, I am 80% back to normal.

I am hugely appreciative of all the therapist at GCT.  My lead therapist, Christina has helped me make remarkable progress in getting back to mobile and strong enough to resume my normal activities.  I feel that I am way ahead of schedule.  Christina, Bee, Ashley, and Summer have all been a joy and pleasure to work with!

J. W.

I have come a long way–from crying to bliss.  My doctor was so pleased with my improvement this week.  He praised my therapists to the highest and asked me to tell them to keep up the excellent work.  I want to thank Gulf Coast Therapy for never giving up on me!

J. C.

First and foremost, I wanted to offer a sincere Thank you to all members of Gulf Coast Therapy for your high level of commitment and caring support.

From my initial visit, I was impressed by the types of exercises that I was introduced to.  What a difference they made in my daily living skills and range of motion over the following weeks.  I experienced different modalities and they answered all my questions.

GCT has a relaxed and professional approach to treating their patients.  Thank you for giving me hope.  Physical therapy is hard work and it takes teamwork.  They made me feel as if I was part of that team and continue to provide excellent care.

G. S.

Before I started therapy, I could hardly lift my left arm to put my blouses on because I had injured my shoulder.  Now after four days I have full motion of my arm and just minor pain.  The pain before treatment was so severe I was on the verge of taking pain pills.  Now I don’t have to.

G. C.