Our Practice

Individualized one-on-one care to get you the results you need…

The mission of Gulf Coast Therapy is to provide our patients with the skills they need in order to function at their highest level of independence and increase their quality of life. We accomplish this by working closely with their referring physician, the patient, and their family to develop a specialized, client-centered plan of care that ensures the best possible outcome.

Gulf Coast Therapy applies the philosophy of a place where patients come first in all aspects of our patients’ experience. So what should you expect on a daily basis?

  • We ensure that our patients will have access to information they need to make the best health care choices for themselves and their families.
  • We listen attentively to our patients’ needs, while calming any worries or uncertainties.
  • We understand that life is difficult after an injury, and will provide our patients exceptional support for the daily challenges involved during recovery.
  • We promise open, honest communication with our patients and other members of their health care teams.
  • We inform and educate our patients about treatment options and courses of care.
  • We make decisions based on the best interests of our patients and their families. And we involve our patients in these decisions.
  • We are focused on improving our patients’ health, their well-being and, most of all, their quality of life.

Gulf Coast Therapy has been serving Mobile and Baldwin counties since 1979, (our Foley location opened in 2011) and we are continually committed to providing you with the most personalized, skilled therapy service in the region. You can expect your experience with us to be challenging, rewarding, and FUN!!