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  • I started with pain and stiffness and I was weak in my shoulder.  After a few sessions I regained my strength and the pain was gone.  I was also showed how to maintain my motion and strength.

    D. H.

  • Before I started therapy, I could hardly lift my left arm to put my blouses on because I had injured my shoulder.  Now after four days I have full motion of my arm and just minor pain.  The pain before treatment was so severe I was on the verge of taking pain pills.  Now I don’t have to.

    G. C.

  • Gulf Coast Therapy has helped me not just in therapy for a total shoulder replacement, but also for bone density. In the months I have been in therapy, the severe pain in my joints has almost completely stopped. I was late starting therapy because of problems with my health insurance, but they took up the slack and helped solve that problem too. I am grateful to Gulf Coast Therapy. The therapists are dedicated, professional and their goal is to achieve 100 percent for their patients. Today, I graduate therapy and I have been here for months, but I will miss everyone who worked with me. I recommend them highly.


  • When I first came to GCT, I had shoulder surgery and had lost most of my motion in my right arm.  When I finished with my therapy I had almost 100% of everything back (I would say 98%).  If I have to have surgery again, this is the place I will come!


  • I went to Gulf Coast Therapy after I had shoulder surgery.  The staff was great in working with my shoulder and showing me exercises to do at home.  I have made a very good recovery.  If I have therapy in the future, it will be with Gulf Coast Therapy.