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  • I had a total knee replacement of the right knee.  At first, I couldn’t even raise my foot off of the floor and I walked with a walker.  In less than two weeks, I walked unassisted.  Now after seven weeks of therapy, I am 80% back to normal.

    I am hugely appreciative of all the therapist at GCT.  My lead therapist, Christina has helped me make remarkable progress in getting back to mobile and strong enough to resume my normal activities.  I feel that I am way ahead of schedule.  Christina, Bee, Ashley, and Summer have all been a joy and pleasure to work with!

    J. W.

  • I was very stubborn about attending therapy for my knee injury.  Finally, I decided to find some help to relieve the pain and resume a more active life.  The Gulf Coast Therapy group soon had me feeling like one of the family.  It is a casual and friendly atmosphere that I appreciate very much.

    My knee has improved greatly!  I have an issue with my neck mobility.  I trust that this group will solve this and any future issues that may arise.  I highly recommend Gulf Coast Therapy to feel better and stronger.

    S. A.

  • I had a torn ACL and Meniscus surgery and went to GCT to take care of my rehab.  They did an excellent job getting me back in shape before my F.M.L.A. stopped.  The staff is very professional and really know their job.  We worked extra hard on getting the knee back in shape.  I am very happy with the work they did.  I was guided and trained to do extra work at home.  The people are friendly and very good.  I would recommend anyone who needs rehab to go there.  I want to tell them all thank you.

    T. W.

  • I came in January for some therapy to help with a torn meniscus and it seemed to help but I still needed surgery. I came to therapy in a lot of pain after surgery and they worked with me to slowly build up my strength.   Now I am feeling great!   Ashley, Bee and Summer are awesome therapists who are very patient and helpful with all my exercises.   For my first physical therapy, this by far has been a great experience.   I will recommend to everyone.   Thanks for everything!