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  • How has Gulf Coast Therapy helped me?  After my accident on June 11, 2017, my mobility in my arms and hands was very limited.  Because of the hard work and dedication of Leslie Davis, I have almost reached full movement in both arms, increased strength in both hands and arms and a reduction in pain.  I do not believe that I could have received any better care at any other company that provides physical/occupational therapy.  I am extremely happy with the care given to me at Gulf Coast Therapy.

    N. R.

  • When I first began therapy, my right hand was very sore but most of all very stiff.  I had previous experience since I had my left hand done three years ago.  I didn’t have therapy then so I am glad I agreed to do therapy on my right hand.  I can tell its going to make a big difference in the day to day use (ability to have a normal hand) of my hand.  The varied exercises and therapies will make a huge difference in my quality of life.  Many thanks to Leslie Davis, Cindy and the staff of GCT for assisting me in my successful recovery from surgery.


  • My range of motion has improved more than I had expected. I am able to do certain things with my left thumb that previously had given me great difficulty. I have learned how to use my thumb instead of avoiding using it because of previous pain. I am relearning to use my thumb by doing things that I would not normally do because of previous pain. It has tremendously helped me feel more confident about trying new things which in turn has helped me reach a higher goal. The staff at Gulf Coast Therapy are very professional and have instilled knowledge for me to continue to improve.



  • They have gotten me where I can use my right arm and hand without pain. Therapists were professional and helpful during therapy sessions. I would recommend them to patients having the same problems.



  • My Therapist Anna at Gulf Coast Therapy enabled me to use my left hand after surgery. Due to her expertise, I am now able to do the following: walk the dogs, carry groceries, open bottles, hold a bar of soap, shampoo, button clothes, tie shoes, and handle kitchen utensils. Being able to use both hands now makes living so much easier. I thank the whole staff!