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  • My first treatment was for severe pain in my neck.  Then a few months later I was back for treatment on my lower back.  I was reluctant that physical therapy would help the pain in my neck.  However, after several sessions, I was able to move without pain.

    With treatment on my back, I was in pain every night and often could not sleep.  I now have less pain and sometimes none at all.  I am able to walk more and longer without pain and I am taking less medications than before treatment.

    I would recommend physical therapy for anyone that is experiencing pain.  I was surprised that exercising and strengthening my muscles had so much effect on the way my body feels.

    C. S.

  • I was extremely dubious of the value of physical therapy.  I had what I felt was pain in the 5-6/10 range in my left knee and hip.  And immediately before starting physical therapy my lower back began hurting.  The pain was not letting me get a full nights sleep and never a fully comfortable sleep.  After the first three sessions, I was sleeping all night and awakening with little or no lingering pain.  I can only hope the results continue.



  • I started coming to GCT for lower back pain.  A couple of times a year my back will ‘go out’ and I’m in severe pain for a couple of days.  I usually go to a chiropractor for an adjustment and I’m good as new.  However last time my back went out, I went to the chiropractor two times in three days and was still in pain and barely able to walk.  I went to an orthopedic who referred me to Gulf Coast Therapy.  The ladies at this office are awesome.  They taught me some exercises to do to prevent my back going out (Got to get those core muscles strong!)  I have started a regular exercise program and incorporated new moves!


  • I dealt with long-term nauseating pain in center of my back. My job entails standing, lifting, pushing, pulling, crawling, reaching, etc. the pain would start early in the day and worsen throughout the day. Using the exercises I have been taught by this wonderful staff, the worst I experience is a dull ache sometimes. And I know how to stretch it out now! YAY!!!!