Patient Results

  • They have gotten me where I can use my right arm and hand without pain. Therapists were professional and helpful during therapy sessions. I would recommend them to patients having the same problems.



  • I started coming to GCT for lower back pain.  A couple of times a year my back will ‘go out’ and I’m in severe pain for a couple of days.  I usually go to a chiropractor for an adjustment and I’m good as new.  However last time my back went out, I went to the chiropractor two times in three days and was still in pain and barely able to walk.  I went to an orthopedic who referred me to Gulf Coast Therapy.  The ladies at this office are awesome.  They taught me some exercises to do to prevent my back going out (Got to get those core muscles strong!)  I have started a regular exercise program and incorporated new moves!


  • When I first came to GCT, I had shoulder surgery and had lost most of my motion in my right arm.  When I finished with my therapy I had almost 100% of everything back (I would say 98%).  If I have to have surgery again, this is the place I will come!


  • I went to Gulf Coast Therapy after I had shoulder surgery.  The staff was great in working with my shoulder and showing me exercises to do at home.  I have made a very good recovery.  If I have therapy in the future, it will be with Gulf Coast Therapy.


  • At the age of 71 you should have learned to be more cautious of your surroundings but I was not, causing my many visits to Gulf Coast Therapy.

    I had not needed physical therapy since my high school days but the staff was very business like, professional, and caring. My injury although not permanent was treated with the utmost consideration and feeling with the focal point being my recovery.

    I am a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, twice Vietnam Veteran, helicopter pilot and I have the utmost respect and care for the owner and staff of this institution. A heartfelt THANK YOU!


  • I dealt with long-term nauseating pain in center of my back. My job entails standing, lifting, pushing, pulling, crawling, reaching, etc. the pain would start early in the day and worsen throughout the day. Using the exercises I have been taught by this wonderful staff, the worst I experience is a dull ache sometimes. And I know how to stretch it out now! YAY!!!!


  • When I first arrived I could not walk far (50 yards) without noticeable pain and without a noticeable limp. Walking up and down stairs was slow, difficult and painful. Seven weeks later, I can walk at least a mile with little to no pain and stairs are no longer an obstacle. Much of this is attributable to the thoughtful focused physical therapy I received at GCT!


  • I am very pleased with the facility and therapist at Gulf Coast Therapy. I attended per my doctor’s request. They worked with me, helped with my exercises and very attentive to my needs. Each PT was very through and took great pride in what they were doing. If the need arises again and I need PT, I will gladly go to Gulf Coast Therapy.


  • My Therapist Anna at Gulf Coast Therapy enabled me to use my left hand after surgery. Due to her expertise, I am now able to do the following: walk the dogs, carry groceries, open bottles, hold a bar of soap, shampoo, button clothes, tie shoes, and handle kitchen utensils. Being able to use both hands now makes living so much easier. I thank the whole staff!