About Us


Our Story

GCT began as a hand clinic in Mobile, Alabama, in 1978.  Our owner believes in the importance of hands on care and individualized treatments, in order to get you back to your normal function as quickly as possible.  As years passed, we added physical therapy and industrial rehab, and opened two locations in Baldwin county (Fairhope and Foley).  Our licensed therapists continue to provide the best in one-on-one individualized care to help you get back healthy and enjoying the things you love.

Our Approach

While we follow the latest research and have your standard therapy equipment, we continue to emphasis the importance of patient education.  Our main goal is to equip you, the patient, with the knowledge and understanding of your condition and how to manage it.  We can show you exercises and perform massages all day but once you learn to care for your body, then you will truly see the results and functional improvements you want and expect.

Meet the Team


Cindy Powell, OT


Summer Tankersley, LPTA


Christina Stewart, PT


Bee Powell, LPTA


Stella McKine


Marion Lear, PT


Jaye Kosciuszko


Ashley Sprayberry, PT


Leslie Davis, OT

Next Steps...

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